Design guidelines for designing presentations.

Our Template




  • Cover slides consist of a title, short description line, and date

  • Make sure the title, description, and date as a unit are vertically centered

  • Please refrain from additional text blocks here

Section Covers

There are 2 sets of section cover slides, in purple and dark gray. Titles should be concise and simply label what the section is about, rather than entire sentences. Do not add any additional smaller text.

Slide Titles

Line breaks Titles are easier to read and feel more natural if you insert a line break about halfway in the sentence, so that each part is roughly equal in size. Try to avoid having a title that goes all the way across the slide unless there is no space to break it into two lines.


Color Theme

We have a preconfigured Microsoft theme that automatically applies our colors to your charts. You can download this theme file and install it on your system as shown below.

How to install

Under the Design tab, click Themes and then Browse for Themes.

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