Brand Architecture

Brand Promise and Personality

Truvalue Lab’s brand promise revolves around our deep believe that we can augment human capabilities by bringing together AI, big data and collective expertise. We believe in the power of technology. We value transparency. We think companies should act responsibly and maximize value for ALL stakeholders. We believe that the world can be better and what we build will transform our world for the better.


Amplified Investment Intelligence

Harness the power of AI to uncover hidden insights.

Product Naming

The Truvalue Labs product family keeps growing. It's critical to ensure a scalable system that is consistent and builds further brand value in the company vs introducing a separate product brands.

Our approach is to combine the company name, minus the “Labs", plus a straight forward concise product label. This constitutes the product name.

Current product family

  • Truvalue Platform

  • Truvalue Data

  • Truvalue Cloud

  • Truvalue Index

  • Truvalue Research

  • Truvalue Studio

  • Truvalue ________

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