Enable a more responsible and sustainable world, now and for future generations.


To harness the power of AI to quantify unstructured data to amplify investment intelligence.

Our Story

The explosion of data and acceleration of technology is fundamentally transforming the financial industry. Asset management firms that can synthesize, analyze and derive insights from emerging new data stand to gain a significant edge in the marketplace.

Truvalue Labs amplifies the research, analysis and monitoring capabilities of investment professionals by leveraging the power of AI to interpret and analyze massive amounts of unstructured data at speed and scale never before possible.

We empower investment professionals, and companies alike, to make more timely, informed, intelligent decisions that have a material impact on value. Creating a technology centric, systematic, and transparent scoring system, companies can now be measured on not what they say but what they do.

Our roots are in ESG but are vision has always been broader. We are unlocking the hidden value in a rapidly expanding universe of unstructured data and shaping the new investment fundamentals.

Value Proposition

By engaging Truvalue Labs and leveraging the power of AI, you will:

  • Increase your ability of achieving outperformance

  • Gain a knowledge advantage over your competition with insights they don’t have

  • Empower analyst teams to be more productive and able to process insights at a speed and scale never before possible

  • Avoid the risk of obsolescence

Where We are Going

Truvalue Labs launched with an initial focus on using AI-powered analytics to quantify environmental, social and governance (ESG) behavior.

In the process, we had a revelation: we can apply the same technology and methodology to derive actionable insights, identify opportunities and measure risks based on virtually any intangible factor uncovered in alternative data.

Our proprietary technology and predictive analytics can help organizations make better informed, data-driven decisions that will advance their business, whatever it may be.

We are partnering with leading financial institutions to make that vision a reality.

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